2012 Annual Conference Presentations

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Keynote: Selecting Winners – Interviewing and Hiring the Best – What Not to Miss

Forrest L. Story

Principal Trainer and Consultant, Public Sector Excellence

In preparing interview questions, we often look at the traditional “functional” aspects of a job and “what” a person needs to be able to do or know to be successful.  However, in interviewing candidates for any job at any level, there is another area that must be addressed and that is the “behavioral” aspects of the job or “how” the job must be done.  All jobs are performed in the context of an organizational culture and those cultures can be quite different.  So even though “what” a person does can be the same from organization to organization, “how” they are allowed to do it will be different depending on culture, values and styles that are at play in a particular organization.  Consequently, the job interview has to be prepared to address both the “what” and the “how” to increase the likelihood of picking a winner for the job.  In this highly interactive workshop, participants learned some of the behavioral dimensions critical in any job and how to prepare interview questions that address those dimensions.

Forrest Story has kindly offered PTC-SC conference attendees free access to the Job-Person-Environment Assessment referenced in his presentation through the month of November 2012.  Go to http://www.jpea.com/Registration.asp.  The passcode is PTC2012.


Legal Practicalities

Karen Meyers

Counsel, Orange County Department of Education

Karen Meyers addressed the interview phase of assessment from the legal standpoint to help practitioners educate raters and hiring authorities on questions not allowed to be asked in an interview, to help practitioners draw out more information from the candidates while still abiding by candidates’ rights.


Accurately Assessing the Job Candidates’ Personality During the Employment Interview

Dr. Melinda Blackman

Professor of Psychology, CSUF

Dr. Blackman discussed how employers can accurately detect the job candidate’s personality traits within the context of the employment interview.  Based upon her research, she shared how it is possible to accurately ferret out a candidate’s potential for engaging in counterproductive behavior in the workplace.  Optimal interview formats, the candidate’s nonverbal behavior and specific interview questions were addressed during the presentation.


Competency-Oriented Interviewing (Deines presentation)

Competency-Oriented Interviewing (Luu / Chang presentation)

Chanjira Luu, HR Analyst, LA County Office Of Ed.

Shirley Chang, Sr. HR Analyst, LA County Office Of Ed

Paul Deines, Selection Analyst, CODESP

Chanjira Luu and Shirley Chang explained how LACOE uses competency modeling to provide the foundation for interview development.  They also addressed how competencies are assessed via interview questions and responses, and the alternative scoring models that they use.  Paul Deines completed the presentation by demonstrating how the Competency Dictionary and other resources available on the CODESP website can assist members in developing competency oriented interviews.


Oral Interview Panels vs. Quality Control Panels

John R. Caldecott

Executive Director of Human Resources, Newport-Mesa Unified School District

Big Picture:  Why does the public equate Civil Service with mediocrity?   Do you just have basic oral interview panels or have you evolved to Quality Control Panels?  Are our standards really high enough?  The perceived quality of your merit/civil service eligibility lists and the positive impact you can have on your organization’s workforce are at stake.  This workshop focused on practical strategies practitioners can use to upgrade oral interview panels to Quality Control Panels.